What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Human beings always find a way out of an untenable situation, and that is both a good and bad thing. It’s bad when they find a way to circumvent security protocols to hack accounts, or to somehow skirt the law to give potheads what they want.

That is precisely what synthetic marijuana is; a legal workaround. Synthetic marijuana is not actually marijuana but leaves and flowers that have been sprayed with a chemical solution that approximates the effects of actual marijuana. They are sold under names such as K-2 or Spice in convenience stores, gas stations, and online under the guise of potpourri or herbal incense and are even labeled “not intended for human consumption” but that is how it is marketed and used for.

In 2013, there was a sudden influx of people in hospital emergency rooms in Dallas and Austin who were exhibiting mental and behavior disorders. There were more than 100 admissions in 5 days, although none were confined. It turned out that most of these patients had smoked or otherwise ingested synthetic marijuana in the belief that it was a better, and legal, alternative to marijuana.

The fact is, it is easy to overdose on synthetic marijuana unlike its genuine counterpart, and because it is poorly regulated, it is easily obtainable by teenagers and other at-risk populations. In an attempt to stem the flood, Texas passed laws that categorized certain chemicals found in synthetic marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances with concomitant penalties for being found in possession of them. But since it is difficult to detect, arrests for possession are rare.

While if you must get high you are much safer with actual marijuana, it is unfortunately also much easier to get arrested for it and the penalties are severe as pointed out on the lomtl website. You cannot use the defense that it is better than using synthetic marijuana, so if you are charged with marijuana possession, find a competent criminal defense lawyer for a better chance of getting off the hook.

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