Evidence in a Car Accident Claim

The importance of having good evidence following a car accident can be extremely important in ensuring that you win the case. The more supporting documents that you have regarding your insurance or personal injury claim, the higher probability you have to get a favorable settlement. Whether you are going for an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, the most important thing to equip yourself with is evidence. For more help, visit: http://chicagosocialsecuritylaw.com/

One of the most important types of proof that you and your car accident lawyer should have is the evidence and the burden of proof. The responsibility of proving the burden of proof lies to the plaintiff – the one injured in the accident and filed for compensation – therefore it is essential for them to substantiate the claims through evidence supporting their version of what happened that eventually lead to the accident, along with claims for the physical injury and property damages. Medical bills, witness testimonies, and photographs are just among such evidence that can be used.

Another type of evidence essential in every case is the police report. Police report made at the time of the accident is vital in determining who’s at-fault for the accident, and additionally, it is just as vital to gather pertinent evidence at the scene. Information about the other driver(s) such as names, address, contact information, drivers’ license, and other relevant information that may be important for the case should be collected, and make sure that you have contact information on witnesses, together with photos to back up your evidence. Take keen notes of the conditions of vehicles, the place where traffic signals are located, and distinct skid marks on the road that can point out how the accident happened.

Lastly, make sure to have proper documentation about your evidence for damages. They can be both personal and physical damages to property and most importantly, physical injuries. Keep all records of any car repairs and rentals that you have done, and together with the expenses on medical bills and rehabilitation treatments they can help deciding the amount of compensation that would be granted. Take time to gather all the necessary evidence that you and your car accident lawyer would need in order to have a strong case presented in court. With stronger evidence at hand, you have a higher chance of gaining a satisfying result to your insurance claim or personal injury claim.

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