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Surviving Airplane Accidents

It is commonly believed that flying in a commercial airliner is safer than riding a car, and the facts support this. The odds of being in airplane accidents on board a commercial flight resulting in at least one fatality is 1 in 3.4 million, and the chances of surviving such a crash would be upwards of 76%, depending on several factors. Compare that with odds of 1 in 5,000 for travelling in a car, and it is clear one is more likely to die getting to and from an airport than at any time that the plane is airborne.

However, if against the odds an airplane accident happens and results in serious injury or death, it is possible that it is due to some type of negligence on the part of the pilot, the airliner, the ground crew, the airplane manufacturer or the air traffic controller. In fact except for inclement weather and bird strikes most causes of airplane accidents are due to human error. And unlike riding in a car, passengers on an airplane are almost totally helpless when disaster strikes.

While death is a somewhat remote possibility despite the fears of aerophobics, airplane accidents can certainly cause serious injuries that can permanently incapacitate the hapless passengers through no fault of their own. Aside from immediate medical needs, there may be long-term financial, emotional and physical consequences. That being said, it would be just right to seek compensation from the negligent party in civil court, whoever or whatever that may be.

However, the tort laws on airplane accidents can be complex, and preparing for litigation may entail tons of depositions, documents and expert testimonies. An attorney experienced and knowledgeable in handling cases involving airplane accidents would be of invaluable assistance in filing, preparing and presenting a winnable case.