What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Human beings always find a way out of an untenable situation, and that is both a good and bad thing. It’s bad when they find a way to circumvent security protocols to hack accounts, or to somehow skirt the law to give potheads what they want.

That is precisely what synthetic marijuana is; a legal workaround. Synthetic marijuana is not actually marijuana but leaves and flowers that have been sprayed with a chemical solution that approximates the effects of actual marijuana. They are sold under names such as K-2 or Spice in convenience stores, gas stations, and online under the guise of potpourri or herbal incense and are even labeled “not intended for human consumption” but that is how it is marketed and used for.

In 2013, there was a sudden influx of people in hospital emergency rooms in Dallas and Austin who were exhibiting mental and behavior disorders. There were more than 100 admissions in 5 days, although none were confined. It turned out that most of these patients had smoked or otherwise ingested synthetic marijuana in the belief that it was a better, and legal, alternative to marijuana.

The fact is, it is easy to overdose on synthetic marijuana unlike its genuine counterpart, and because it is poorly regulated, it is easily obtainable by teenagers and other at-risk populations. In an attempt to stem the flood, Texas passed laws that categorized certain chemicals found in synthetic marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances with concomitant penalties for being found in possession of them. But since it is difficult to detect, arrests for possession are rare.

While if you must get high you are much safer with actual marijuana, it is unfortunately also much easier to get arrested for it and the penalties are severe as pointed out on the lomtl website. You cannot use the defense that it is better than using synthetic marijuana, so if you are charged with marijuana possession, find a competent criminal defense lawyer for a better chance of getting off the hook.

Evidence in a Car Accident Claim

The importance of having good evidence following a car accident can be extremely important in ensuring that you win the case. The more supporting documents that you have regarding your insurance or personal injury claim, the higher probability you have to get a favorable settlement. Whether you are going for an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, the most important thing to equip yourself with is evidence. For more help, visit: http://chicagosocialsecuritylaw.com/

One of the most important types of proof that you and your car accident lawyer should have is the evidence and the burden of proof. The responsibility of proving the burden of proof lies to the plaintiff – the one injured in the accident and filed for compensation – therefore it is essential for them to substantiate the claims through evidence supporting their version of what happened that eventually lead to the accident, along with claims for the physical injury and property damages. Medical bills, witness testimonies, and photographs are just among such evidence that can be used.

Another type of evidence essential in every case is the police report. Police report made at the time of the accident is vital in determining who’s at-fault for the accident, and additionally, it is just as vital to gather pertinent evidence at the scene. Information about the other driver(s) such as names, address, contact information, drivers’ license, and other relevant information that may be important for the case should be collected, and make sure that you have contact information on witnesses, together with photos to back up your evidence. Take keen notes of the conditions of vehicles, the place where traffic signals are located, and distinct skid marks on the road that can point out how the accident happened.

Lastly, make sure to have proper documentation about your evidence for damages. They can be both personal and physical damages to property and most importantly, physical injuries. Keep all records of any car repairs and rentals that you have done, and together with the expenses on medical bills and rehabilitation treatments they can help deciding the amount of compensation that would be granted. Take time to gather all the necessary evidence that you and your car accident lawyer would need in order to have a strong case presented in court. With stronger evidence at hand, you have a higher chance of gaining a satisfying result to your insurance claim or personal injury claim.

Liability for Trucking Accidents

In almost any circumstance, a trucking accident has the potential to cause devastating injuries to those who are involved in the accident. Because of the substantial difference in size between trucks and most other vehicles on the road, even a relatively minor collision between a car and a truck can have life-altering repercussions for accident victims.

For this reason, it is often possible for those who suffer injury or, in the worst of cases, the loss of a loved one as the result of a trucking accident to seek compensation for what they’ve been through. However, the amount of compensation that truck accident victims may be able to recover is in large part determined by the assessment of liability in the accident.

Liability in a trucking accident can vary substantially. For instance, in one case from Texas, Jim Hart, attorney at Williams Kherkher, represented the family of a man killed after a truck driver made an ill-advised attempt to return to the road after being forced off by another driver. Hart was able to successfully argue that the trucking company, not the driver, should be held liable for the accident because of failures in the training of the driver.

In other circumstances, the manufacturer of the truck or its parts may be considered to be at fault for the accident. For instance, if the brake pedals on a truck malfunction, it may be the vehicle manufacturer who is considered liable for the accident. Finally, in cases where the driver may have been intoxicated, or simply made an error of judgment which no training could have corrected, he or she may be considered the responsible party.

Burgers over Fine Dining: A Better Tasting and More Fun Meal to Have?

A citizen from London would be called a Londoner, while someone from Frankfurt, Germany would be called a Frankfurter (though the term is more regularly used to refer to a cured cooked sausage – a definitely delicious food). You would also call a Berliner any resident of Berlin; a Berliner, however, is also a donut, a North German pastry prepared from sweet yeast dough. Well, what about a hamburger?

A hamburger can either refer to a sandwich or, yes (you guessed it right), a male resident of Hamburg, Germany, whose females are called Hamburgerin. Our interest, though, is not centered on German residents, but on the food that has become America’s classic comfort food, the hamburger, an inexpensive, mouth-watering sandwich made from ground pure beef patty that is placed between two slices of bread and topped with melted cheese, pickles, glazed onion, bacon and other flavorful sauces and condiments.

The origin of the hamburger is not determined; it could have come from Germany or it may be of pure American origin (it actually began to be recognized in the U.S. during the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904). Regardless of its beginnings, what is more interesting is the fact that it is now a staple entry in millions of menus of restaurants in the U.S., especially in Houston; and still more interesting is the way hamburgers of today are prepared.

The tastiest burgers are made from pure beef – the kind of meat that abounds in Houston, Texas. But besides these beef patties, restaurants that offer burgers, which are a LOT in Houston, garnish every burger serving with a variety of different add-ons and side dishes. Here are some of the ways by which burgers are prepared:

  • The Double-Decker – burgers with two patties (triple if there are three patties). Bacon and cheese are usually added, producing a double cheeseburger a triple bacon cheeseburger, or a bacon double/triple cheeseburger
  • Slopper – is for those who crave for spice. This burger is smothered in green or red chile
  • The Steakburger – meat used is of higher quality (like lean ground beef or ground steak)
  • The Low-Carb Burger – uses lettuce instead of buns. Mustard and/or mayonnaise is used as primary sauce/s
  • The Slider – a very small square-shaped burger patty dotted with diced onions; its buns are equally small
  • Patty Melt – cheese and sautéed onions and the patty are laid between two slices of buttered and fried rye bread

Though hamburgers may not be the ideal treat to business clients or those who would rather enjoy fine dining , it has, nonetheless, served as a truly ideal and satisfying meal to many business travelers and casual diners. Besides being a quick, yet, tasty meal for a busy schedule, the burger is also perfect for picnics, outdoor parties, a weekend get-together, or barbecuing with family and friends.

Surviving Airplane Accidents

It is commonly believed that flying in a commercial airliner is safer than riding a car, and the facts support this. The odds of being in airplane accidents on board a commercial flight resulting in at least one fatality is 1 in 3.4 million, and the chances of surviving such a crash would be upwards of 76%, depending on several factors. Compare that with odds of 1 in 5,000 for travelling in a car, and it is clear one is more likely to die getting to and from an airport than at any time that the plane is airborne.

However, if against the odds an airplane accident happens and results in serious injury or death, it is possible that it is due to some type of negligence on the part of the pilot, the airliner, the ground crew, the airplane manufacturer or the air traffic controller. In fact except for inclement weather and bird strikes most causes of airplane accidents are due to human error. And unlike riding in a car, passengers on an airplane are almost totally helpless when disaster strikes.

While death is a somewhat remote possibility despite the fears of aerophobics, airplane accidents can certainly cause serious injuries that can permanently incapacitate the hapless passengers through no fault of their own. Aside from immediate medical needs, there may be long-term financial, emotional and physical consequences. That being said, it would be just right to seek compensation from the negligent party in civil court, whoever or whatever that may be.

However, the tort laws on airplane accidents can be complex, and preparing for litigation may entail tons of depositions, documents and expert testimonies. An attorney experienced and knowledgeable in handling cases involving airplane accidents would be of invaluable assistance in filing, preparing and presenting a winnable case.

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